Hooray- We have our 'first-in-over-two-years-in-person children's performance,' Saturday afternoon, June 11, 1PM, at the Verona Public Library in New Jersey. Stop by for some fun if you can:) 

Did you ever pretend to be a character from one of your favorite stories? You can again- Good night, little ones...

Did you ever play dress-up as a child with your best friend and pretend to be twins? Did you ever match outfits with your mom, or sister, or brother? Are you or someone you know a twin? Either way- Have fun watching...it's really cute:) And please share!

We love it and hope you will too! A lively song of friendship and peace:)

It's HERE!!!! Our latest Children's Album:) "Make a Happy Face," - in both digital and physical copy format,  available for purchase at our Store right here on our website:)  Purchase one for a child you love:) Contact me at carolnicodemi@gmail.com to get yours personalized at no extra cost:)

Would you believe that this song, Do Like the Animals Do, lead vocals sung by Elyse Orecchio, has exceeded 84,219 views on our Nicodemi Soundtrack YouTube Channel? And still climbing:) Don't forget to vote for us in the Funky Kids Radio Awards!!! Both the song and animation are entered. As well as 3 more songs, and of course, the album as a whole. 

We need your votes. Pretty please:)